The structure of the Help system

The help system consists of an online support tool (containing two levels) and of a rather long and formal word text description about the use of the gUSE system. Additionally, the gUSE Sourceforge project's forum, bug tracker and feature request tools may be used as well.

I. Included support tool:

The higher level of the included help system is associated to the selected tab of the user interface, and explains the functionality of the given tab.
The help text can be reached by clicking on the round blue spot with a question mark

The lower level help texts are associated to individual input tools (fields, buttons, selectors etc.)
The help text can be reached by clicking on the little blue spot containing the letter i (for information)*, or moving the mouse over the input fields.

In the first two cases a new text pane will be opened which can be closed any time by clicking on the icon situated on the upper right corner of the pane.

II. The overall description of the system can be downloaded from here.

III. Would you have any question not answered in the User's Manual, please contact us through the SourceForge Discussion Forum.
In case of any bugs found, please use the SourceForge Bug Report Tool.
Would you have any feature requests, please let us know through the SourceForge Feature Request Page.

Please note that there may be two additional icons in the proximity of the individual input tools: The icon is the access point of the "Description" and the icon is the access point of the "Label".

Both Description and Label are defined by the developer user (when the developer user configures a Template) to inform the end user, who will find these texts in the simplified Configure page of the Application tab.

Please note that the texts behind the icons and may be meaningless if there is no Template associated to the workflow being configured.

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